13 is the new lucky number- Cambria’s newest arrivals

Cambria, the Minnesota company based down in Le Seur, is easily the leader in quartz countertops.  From their unrivaled quality, crafstmanship, and customer service, they consistently deliver a product that is spot-on and one that we at Che Bella Interiors are always confident offering our clients.  Cambria offers a variety of looks and colors in their slab options- from simple and consistent, to slabs with movement and veining, to slabs with metallic and sparkly flecks.  Cambria prides itself on quality control and adhering to strict manufacturing processes- so coming out with a new color or slab idea is a detailed and thorough process that doesn’t happen as often as we might like.  Therefore, we get excited when Cambria unveils 1 new slab.  I had done a previous blog post on one of their new lines at the time, Galloway-.  When we were told that they were adding 13 new slabs, I almost couldn’t believe it!  Now they are here, and I have fallen in love.  Just one more reason that Cambria is our ‘go-to’ quartz product.  Check out the newest styles and colors below:

Coastal collection-Cambria's 13 new designs

Waterstone Collection- Cambria's 13 new designs

Jewel Collecton- Cambria's 13 new designs

Marble & Desert Collection- Cambria's 13 new designs

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