Dining Room Style

Have you ever seen a beautiful dining room but could not pinpoint what set it apart?  Chances are the space you saw had a unique mix of seating – whether it was different patterns on the chairs, a mix of chair styles, or a great bench.  Take a look at how these spaces, all different in style, incorporate a mix of furniture to create a cohesive feel.

Rustic Modern


Large-scale end chairs in linen with a metal finish create contrast with the leather side chairs.  This room has an overall modern style but looks like it was collected over time.

The massive farmhouse-style table in this dining room is definitely the focal point of the room, thanks to the lower-height, simple chairs.

Classic with a Twist


This space incorporates patterned head chairs with plain side chairs. The result is a punch of color and pattern that really makes the room.


The chairs in this elegant dining room may all be the same, but their scale is perfect for this space. The contrast of the dark wood on the table and lighter wood on the chairs creates interest.



A clean-lined, modern dining room can also have a mix of chair styles. Here, a bench and armless chairs were combined, all in the same finish, to add interest. The larger scale of these pieces, along with their open design, creates a nice flow with the living room beyond.


Not one, but two benches are present in this dining room! This is an excellent idea for spaces that may be a little bit tight. The bench without a back keeps the dining room from feeling closed in and tucks under the table when not in use.

1: Kristina Wolf Design / California
2: Tom Stringer Design Partners / Chicago
3: Laura Umanksy / Texas
4: Chang & Co / NYC
5: Handman Associates / Chicago
6: Vidabelo Interior Design / Portland

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