Bedding NOT in a Box – Creating a Layered Bed

Bedrooms pose a bit of a challenge — they have to be relaxing and refreshing yet everything needs to be functional.  The biggest element in a bedroom is the bed, of course! Using great bedding is an important step in starting the feel for your whole space.  Here are some quick & easy ideas for creating a beautiful & layered bed.


Mix & Match

This bedroom has a fun mix of both pattern & color.  The subtle pattern of the grey duvet is broken up by a fun pattern & color on the pillowcases.  The green of the patterned shams is repeated in the headboard, clock & artwork moving the accent color around the room.



Clean & Tailored

One can never go wrong with a white bed! This one is kept interesting by the matelasse on the quilt.  The bed is upholstered in a beautiful linen and the skirt is made of the same material.  The neutral colors throughout this space create a relaxing atmosphere.



 Color + Function

This girls bedroom definitely has color to spare!  The bookcase between the beds, along with the functional sconces turned reading lights, add much needed storage & function.  The colors are pulled from the bedding throughout the room.




This neutral bedroom is a relaxing space to unwind at the end of the day.  The bedding is tone-on-tone but uses texture & subtle pattern to move your eye.  Folding down the duvet makes you want to jump in and relax!



Dark Walls

Create a cocoon by keeping everything neutral.  The dark walls here and white bedding create a relaxing space that will visually recede.  Note the fluffy pillows and use of different shades & textures of white.




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