Mom Caves – We always talk about a retreat for the guys, but what about the girls?

As Interior Designers we often discuss Man Cave options with clients whether it’s a polished garage, bonus theater room, lower level retreat or outdoor space. They are generally rooms designed to relax and kick-back, watch football games with the guys or wrench on projects while having a frosty beverage of choice. So what about the Mom Cave? A topic less trendy, but a space well deserved. Mom Caves are often centered around activities or relaxing, in similar fashion to the boys, yet they have a different twist. Whether it be crafts, sewing, soaking in the tub or being one with nature – it generally doesn’t involve as much noise. 😉 For the moms out there, make sure to take time for yourself and work to create your own oasis!

For mom’s who enjoy crafting, wrapping & being creative:



For Mom’s who enjoy a spa-like retreat:



For Mom’s who enjoy the feel of nature, a good book & a glass of wine:


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2. California Closets of Louisville
3. Giambastiani Design | Boston
4. Xstyles Bath + More | Detroit
5. J.Grant Design Studio | Santa Barbara

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