Color Ideas for the Commitment-Phobic

Often clients are so scared of being stuck with a single color scheme that they choose all neutrals.  While the resulting space is definitely safe, it probably does not reflect their personality or have a bright, fun feel.  Here are some ways you can incorporate color into your space without being tied to a single scheme.  We typically encourage clients to chose neutrals for walls and large upholstery pieces, but using color in rugs, artwork or drapery can be a great way to add some fun to your space.  Pull your color scheme through the space in pillows, throws, lamps and accessories.  Even flowers can complement your scheme!

1. Use a colorful rug

By choosing a rug with multiple colors, you can pull almost any color scheme from it. Keep larger pieces neutral & mix it up with pillows or throws.





2. Add window treatments with a bold, bright pattern

Do not be afraid of pattern.  In the room below, the designer was able to use the window treatments to add an exciting element to the space, even though the overall design is very neutral.  The pillows and accessories all tie in with the colors in the drapery.  But, should you taste change, you can pull another color from the drapery.



3. Have fun with art

Art is a great way to introduce color into your space.  The rooms below show an almost limitless number of color schemes.  You can pick up accent colors in pillows, vases, throws or additional artwork.





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