Exaggerated Lighting

Have you ever walked into a restaurant or a swanky hotel and instantly noticed the large or artistic lighting within the space? I am often times inspired by how a light fixture can create drama, mood or act as art within a room. The following images are a reflection of exaggerated lighting. As you look at the images can you imagine how empty or dull the spaces would look without it?

Slide5This over-sized chandelier fills the vault and sets a mood for the bedroom

Slide4A perfect sized lantern in this covered porch creates a focal point that would otherwise be lost in the tall ceilings

Slide3A very creative solution for a kitchen that feels more like a greenhouse. When night falls the lighting would be sparse and these large fixtures create task lighting as well as a statement

Slide2Open, circular and airy – this is a very popular pendant trend and we love how it finishes off the conversation area

Slide1This is by far the most exaggerated, but yet it almost becomes art in the space.

[1] Laura Manchee Designs, Houston
[2] Elizabeth Dinkel Design, California
[3] David Jones Architects, DC Metro
[4] Delicious Designs, Boston
[5] Mybutterfly.com

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