Design Element We Love: Furniture-Style Vanities

One design element we are seeing a lot of lately is the furniture-style vanity. Instead of basic bathroom vanities that look like a row of cabinetry, details are being added to make them appear more like furniture.  This can be as simple as adding legs in place of a toe-kick to raise the cabinetry off the ground and give it a custom look.  Or as elaborate as creating a piece that looks like an antique console table with custom turned legs.  Furniture-style vanities can be more modern or traditional, as you will see below.  I hope this is one “trend” that stays around!


This beautiful vanity takes the furniture-piece idea to the next level by adding table lamps for lighting.  The gorgeous rosewood finish mimics the look of an antique sideboard or dresser.


This bathroom is a great example of using a furniture-style vanity in a modern way. The flat panel doors and drawers with simple hardware are very modern but the square legs add just enough detail to make it feel custom.  Plus, seeing the tile continuing underneath the vanity makes the whole bathroom appear larger.


For a furniture-style vanity, custom is typically the way to go.  The cabinetmaker will design it to maximize the space you have and include all the details you want.  However, if your space permits a specific size, a couple plumbing manufacturers make “stock” vanities and they are starting to incorporate furniture details, too. One great example is Kohler’s new line called Poplin. The ability to chose your finish, hardware, top & interior configuration makes this a great “stock” option.  Plus how great would that plugmold strip be for keeping all your electrical items ready to go!


This beautiful vanity incorporates dark wood and inset drawer panels along with metal drawer pulls to achieve a truly custom, furniture-style look.  A marble top flows seamlessly with the rest of the space.


The devil really is in the details, as proved by this vanity & linen storage combination.  This is a great example of how to incorporate tall, linen cabinetry into your vanity while making it seem purposeful.  The crown molding wraps the entire vanity at top and bottom really creating that custom look.  Adding fabric behind the glass in the linen cabinets adds softness which is often lacking a bathroom.


For this traditional bathroom, the vanity inspiration was a console table.  The turned legs, small drawers with wood hardware and marble top all combine to create that look.  By having the vanity be open underneath, the space feels larger and more airy.


Combined with the wallpaper, this mid-century styled vanity would feel right at home in any rambler. If you are going for a more modern look, less is definitely more.  Simple legs, flat panel doors and round knobs create a modern-look so the wallpaper can set the tone of the space.

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