ASID Showcase House Gala 2014

Friday night was the official kick-off for the Showcase house tour and this year’s gala definitely did not disappoint.  It was a great night and so fun to be a part of everyone enjoying the spectacular results of all the hard work that went into this year’s house.  We were so appreciative of all the wonderful comments we received about our spaces.  We truly enjoyed working on our spaces and creating places that the girls can enjoy.  The culmination of the night had to be around 9:30 when both girls and their babysitters grabbed books and camped out on the new floor cushion in the dormer area in the playroom.  Calie, Elizabeth, and I then retired to the tent downstairs, happy in the fact that we had created a space that the girls were already thoroughly enjoying!  What a great night.


Che Bella at the Showcase House 2014
Left to right: Elizabeth, Calie, Tracy, Jillian



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