What is Interior Design like in Australia?

It’s the dead of winter in Minnesota and nothing makes me want to escape this frozen tundra more than stumbling upon a photo of a far away land. I have always been interested in Australia – the funky animals, the accents, the architecture, the landscape and the never-ending beaches. The other day I started to wonder how their interior design style compares to America. Recently the Australian Interior Design Awards for 2013 were held and they had a very inspiring residential project gallery. I thought I would share and reflect on the inspiring factors that these wonderful designers have reflected within their photography and projects. The style captured in nearly all of the award submissions was inspired by nature, the outdoors and calming neutral palettes.

Beautifully inspired by nature, designed with restraint and such an interesting curvature to the kitchen. [Leeton Pointon Architects + Interiors and Allison Pye Interiors for Park House] Bringing the outside and the inside together. Something that is very rare to do be able to design in Minnesota (without a screen for mosquitos that is) [Stephen Collins Interior Design Pty. Ltd. for ABU house] Simplicity in detail, yet soft. Love the hanging pendant, over-sized art and ceiling detail. [Stephen Collins Interior Design Pty. Ltd. for ABU house] Bold color, designed with each inch of space in mind. Such creativity for a very tiny studio space [Nicholas Gurney for The Studio]
Contrast through the mill work, clean and inviting to the outdoors. A common theme [TFAD Pty Ltd for Darlinghurst House]

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