10 Fun Ways to Add Color To Your Space

When it comes to color, the possibilities are endless. Here are some fun ideas to incorporate color into your space. So go ahead and add something new!

10. Accent Wall

Tried and true. The perfect afternoon project for a rainy day! Try a stencil in a clear glaze over the top for a sophisticated yet easy finish.  [photography by Mark Ehlen]

9. Accessories

Bungalow 5, Mina Bottle Neck Vase (pair)

It’s the little touches that count. Accessories are a versatile and easy way to add a burst of color. Try choosing 2 or more coordinating colors that can be swapped from room to room.

8. Art

A natural focal point of the space is a great place to incorporate color. Try creating something yourself or framing colorful children’s pictures.

7. Pillows

You can never have too many pillows! Pillows are the perfect way to add color and function. Try upgrading from a standard polyester fill to a mix of down and feathers for a more luxurious feel.

6. Tile

So Retro! Colored tile doesn’t have to be overwhelming and floor to ceiling anymore. Try incorporating a stripe of color or colored mosaics for an updated and colorful look.

5. Window Treatments

Think of it as adding a beautiful frame to the outdoors. From a simple fabric panel to a custom cornice, there are many ways to introduce colors to your windows. Try a large pattern repeat on panels to add extra emphasis. [Photography by Rick Busch]

4. Rug

A colorful anchor to any space. Bringing in a splash of color on the floor can make a bold statement and become the focal point of a design. Try choosing a rug with a blend of man-made fibers to help cut costs.  Check out an idea for a rug that is the Pantone color of the year: Emerald!

3. Wallcovering

Add color, pattern, and texture all at once! Wallpaper is back, and the options have been growing in the last few years. Don’t forget that a qualified wallpaper installer is often invaluable when it comes to saving time and stress. Try choosing a fun wallpaper to accent a powder bathroom.

2. Upholstery Piece

This isn’t your grandmother’s side chair! Accent chairs are the perfect place to add color and spice up any design. Try a piece with extra detail like nail-head trim for an added punch of visual interest. [Photography by Rick Busch]

1. Painted Furniture Piece

Bring new life to something old. A painted vintage or recycled piece is a great way to add color and storage to any space. Try mixing and matching hardware to add extra interest.

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