10 Ways to Spice Up a Powder Room

Replace your lavatory:
There is no excuse to have a boring lavatory in this bathroom. These days you can find vessels, space saving wall-hung options, all-in-one pedestals etc. at all prices to fit your specific needs. There are trend-forward basins that come in a lot of unique materials, such as organic stone, marble, glass, metal and even materials like petrified wood. Powder rooms don’t get a lot of use so you have the chance to have a little more fun with this room and use materials that other high traffic and high moisture bathrooms would not have.

Resurface the Floor:
A compact area requires less material than a large bathroom so feel free to spend a little more on a smaller space, it will be worth the money and make a bigger impression. Try premium wood or a miniature tile pattern on the floor for a cool effect.

Upscale or Upsize the Mirror:
Try to find a decorative mirror with a unique shape, finish, or size for a dramatic statement. Another option would be to cover an entire wall with one sheet mirror, it expands the space to make it feel less crowded.



Accent Tile:
Again powder rooms have less space which means less material, so spring for the fancy accent tile to get the designer look in your bathroom. Create a custom backsplash or embelish a wall.

Add Furniture:
Try tucking in a narrow parsons table, a mini book shelf or a few small wall shelves in the bathroom. It will make this room feel less utilitarian and more furnished and personal, plus it gives you the perfect space to display your personal accessories.

Freshen a Faucet:
To freshen up your bathroom one little aspect you can change easily is the faucet. It makes a statement even if you just change the finish or if the location is changed to a wall-mount.

Update Lighting:
Lighting is a key element in any space, and when you get creative with it the end result can be really beautiful. In a bathroom if you do any kind of decorative lighting around the mirror it will almost always look great in the end. You can do ceiling-mounted mini chandeliers, pendants on the walls or accent lamps on the counter to create a soft ambiance for your guests.


Cover the Walls:
This is the one place where you shouldn’t be afraid to make a statement with big bold patterns or bright paint colors. Limited wall space means expensive designer wall paper or faux wall treatment is affordable. You can also do grass cloth or fabric on the walls and not have to worry about moisture. (Maybe not with jumping zebras 😉 )

Change Your Vanity Base:
Select a furniture looking cabinet or pedestal, maybe even an antique piece or furniture to use as a vanity base. You can use a mirrored base cabinet or try acheiving a more modern look with sleek legs. If organic is the look you’re going for get a wood countertop with a live edge to it. There are many different options to chose from it’s just a matter of how creative you want to be.

Start by grouping pretty ammenities like luxurious soaps or perfumes. Hang some collective art of family or friends and place a vase of flowers on a pretty stylish tray.

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