What countertop is right for you?

Is it time to choose the countertop for your kitchen or bathroom project? With many different options available, make sure that you are choosing the right surface. Here is a breakdown of some of the newest options, and how they compare to the timeless classics:

Concrete surfaces are a mixture of cement and aggregate additive (sand, crushed stone, etc.) and are durable and widely customizable. With an expansive array of different aggregates that can be mixed into the cement, the options for colors, finishes, shapes and textures is vast.

Take into consideration:  It has to be sealed and finished properly, and can be susceptible to scratching from cutting directly on the surface.

Soapstone surfaces are made from natural metamorphic rock, and are naturally non-porous and heat and cold resistant.  They are very easy to maintain, by simply rubbing down with a natural mineral oil to help aid in the naturally occurring patina that the stone will undergo over time. The non-porous qualities inherent to this stone make it naturally resistant to bacteria and staining, and sealing is not required.

Take into consideration: The stone will develop a change in color or patina as it ages over time, can be scratched but then repaired by sanding and oiling, and can develop water marks if water is left to sit on the surface for long periods of time.

Quartz surfaces like Cambria® are man-made surfaces that are a mixture of natural quartz mineral, resin for bonding, and color pigments.  They are processed under great heat and pressure making them non-porous and therefore twice as strong as granite, scratch resistant and maintenance free.

Take into consideration: Available in a variety of color options, must be manufactured and installed by professionals, and in our opinion is one of the most beautiful countertop options available.

This natural stone has become a staple aesthetic and evokes a sense of classic beauty in kitchens, baths and fireplace surrounds. Marble is a soft stone, and it is susceptible to scratches, staining, and chipping.

Take into consideration: Classic and beautiful aesthetic, naturally resistant to heat, must be sealed regularly, and requires extra care and attention to maintain its surface and finish over time.

Granite is easily the most requested and recognizable choice for natural stone surfaces. With every slab being truly unique, there is an endless variety of colors, veining, grains and flecks. Granite is difficult to damage, almost impossible to scratch, heat resistant and durable, but must be properly sealed and re-sealed over time.

Take into consideration: High popularity and potential for re-sale value, uniqueness of slab chosen and inherent natural beauty, and must be cut and installed by professionals.

With a little research, care, and maintenance, you can be assured that the surface you choose will be the right countertop for you and stay beautiful in the years to come.

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