Scared of Color? Spice It Up With Neutrals

A lot of people get nervous about the use of dramatic/ bright colors taking permanent residence in their home. If you find that you are one of these people and are much more comfortable with neutrals in your home, here are a few tidbits to help you amp up your space.

Try A Graphic:

In this space this person decided to make their statement in their natural colored room by adding a leaf or palm graphic on the focal wall. Notice that the graphic makes a dramatic statement in the room, but at the same time it’s a very soft white. Mixed with the different variations of neutrals on the bed set and the contrasting color of the light wood finish, this room has an overall finished look that is gorgeous yet comfortable and neutral.

Use A Dramatic Wood Finish:

Every finish in this bathroom is a natural color, yet there is still contrast and it’s been executed beautifully. This goes for all spaces not just bathrooms, but another way to make a statement with a monochromatic color scheme is to use an exotic wood that adds interest. Zebra wood for example can have two to three different colors in it, and on top of that has a striped pattern that can be used horizontally or vertically. With an exotic gorgeous wood like that, to add a contrasting stone into the room would be the final touch on a successful design.

Green Is Natural:

Sometimes people find that the biggest hump to get over while updating a room is finding the right color to paint the walls. If you realize you’re stuck on the paint color and would rather not take the leap, you can still have a great looking room with white walls. The key here is to take a leap somewhere else that isn’t permanant, this will help those who find themselves scared of color. The tip here is to get a contrasting dark wood in the room then on your sofa have pillows with different variations of browns or neutrals. Try adding some white accent pillows on the sofa in with the neutrals to keep the design flowing throughout the room. The last tip which might be a stretch for some is to try and get out of your comfort zone; green is a natural color too and if you’re feeling confident add in avocado green draperies. The darker or more muted you go with this green the more comfortable you will be with it and your end product will be amazing.

Mix Wood Finishes:

In the kitchen above, this person decided to keep the walls white and add their statement somewhere else. The statement is in the dramatic cabinetry; any color on the walls in this space would have made it over-done, but with the creative use of lighting over the cabinets, in the soffit and over the counter tops etc. it pulled off a really warm, inviting neutral space where the walls don’t contradict the cabinetry. Some think that mixing wood finishes will look bad or they just don’t know how, but using complete opposite finishes with some added stainless steel pulls off a well rounded modern space. Switching it up from the usual with curvy lines and geometric patterns also adds to the room making it unique, and completely your own.

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