Lighting Trends for 2012

Old is New!

What was old is new again…

Lately, an array of glamorous antique-style chandeliers and pendants has been sweeping the interior design world. Following the comfortable form and function trend so evident over the last year, modern trends will continue with the “old is new” attitude into 2012, while blending in a bit of traditional and 21st Century influences.

Adding some twinkle

Traditionally, decorative light fixtures were positioned as the main light fitting in the middle of a room. They featured cascading crystals and gilded gold metalwork that exuded an air of wealth and status. Today however, homeowners can enjoy the beauty of similar fixtures without breaking the bank. Modern chandeliers and pendants in old-fashioned styles feature a collection of sparkling droplets generally made from acrylic, and sometimes glass. The gilded gold metalwork of the main body of the fitting has been replaced with a modern chrome or pewter-coloured finish.

All places, all spaces

Previously, it was unusual to see decorative chandeliers and pendants anywhere except in the power positions of the home – they were often reserved only for grand rooms, such as ballrooms, sweeping foyers and dining rooms. Today, however, they are staking their claim throughout the modern home – they can add drama to the kitchen, the guest bathroom, the living room, bedrooms, reception rooms and hallways, and even patios can go upscale by adding some chandelier sparkle.

A variety of sizes

Mini chandeliers and pendants are a great way of bringing some light and glamour into small or awkward spaces in the home. In fact grouping these smaller light fixtures is a popular design technique – for example, you can hang several fixtures above a kitchen island or bar counter for a great display and excellent task lighting. Another novel idea is to hang them from the ceiling on either side of your bed to replace the traditional bedside lamps and in the process, free up some space on your bedside table.

Larger Scaled Pendants Create More of a Statement

Until recently many kitchen islands have been lit by small pendant lights that were too small of scale in comparison to a large island. Often times smaller scaled pendants don’t provide much for task lighting and they also don’t provide much of a statement. We are loving the idea of larger scaled pendants over islands – if you currently have small pendants try changing up the scale and style to give your kitchen a wow factor!

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