Dorm Room Decorating

Decorating a dorm can be the most fun.. and a very stressful endeavor. Whether you’re in a single and decorating for one, or a double and you’re trying to collaborate with your roommate because it’s a person you actually enjoy… or someone who you plan on barely talking to. Decorating your dorm is a time to show your new and improved post high school self. It’s a time to fully express who you are without the influences of anyone around you. Below are a few things you need to remember about creating the perfect atmosphere for your room.

1. Think about yourself!
The first step to creating a space that you will truly enjoy going back to and having as your “home away from home” is to think about what you want from it. Do you want to feel instantly calmed when you walk in by using cool colors, dimmer lights for ambiance, and fluffy pillows for accents. Or do you want to play off your playful side and use bright bold colors, posters of Lichtenstein paintings and fun message boards. No matter what style you are going for just remember to think about you.

2. Get the layout of your room
Most colleges now conveniently show their dorms on their website so you can find the exact shape of the one your looking for (example shown below). For instance my dorm is pretty rectangular with 11×17 dimensions. My roommate and I decided we were going to bunk our beds to get the ultimate floor space because neither of us care if we have to sleep on the top bunk.

3. Flooring
Now not all dorm rooms are lucky enough to have carpet. Or are lucky enough not too?… it depends on how you look at it. Either way, if you have tile flooring its probably going to be cold not to mention unwelcoming, and you’re most likely going to want a good rug. Now I know some schools have regulations on rubber backing on rugs, so make sure you check into that before making your final purchase. Whether you’re looking for a bold pattern or something to just add comfort to the room, dorm rugs can be found just about anywhere you look.

On the more expensive end of things search these sites (although they are generally expensive… you might be lucky and find a sale so check them out!)
Pottery Barn Teen – Rugs

For my fellow deal searchers
Target – Dorm Rugs
Dormco – Dorm Rugs
Ikea – Rugs

4. Alternative Storage
Although your dorm closet may be smaller then the one at your house, there are still ways to pack all the clothes you want and save space!
Starting with the closets there are so many items to help you save space!

These hangers from Bed Bath and Beyond are my new favorite thing, the little extra hook allows you to hook another hang onto it, staggering the clothes and making more room. It’s 3.99 for a set of 10 but I’m sure you can find them elsewhere for a better deal!

There are flexible storage items for everything imaginable. Whether you want hanging shoe/folded clothes storage or something you can shove under the bed and collapse when you aren’t using it.

There are always the more basic options of getting a chest of drawers, they come in all sizes shapes and styles. Whether you need something wider or tall and skinny chances are you will be able to find it without a problem.
5. Bedding
Depending on the school you go to you may have to look for twin sheets in extra long. Be sure to check and see if you need the extra long! Any places that sell stuff for college will typically have extra long bedding available. Sometimes the school may have a store that you can buy sheets from that as well. If you have a roommate you should see if they want to coordinate bedspreads or go with a color scheme.
*Memory foam toppers (found at most everywhere that sells bedding… Kohls, JCPenny, Bed Bath and Beyond etc.) or any extra support you can get for your bed will be a good idea because chances are, the bed will have no comfort factor.*
6. Wall things
Communication boards are always fun for leaving messages to your roommate or for yourself so you can remember things! They come in calendar forms, colors, as well as stick ons that don’t require hanging!
Although you chances are you can’t use nails don’t forget posters or any other art work to make your room at home! Command picture hanging strips are a cheap and easy way to hang posters without ruining walls! They also come in hook form for any of your other hanging needs.
7. Fun Extras to make for an easier living

This bedside caddy is perfect for top bunk people or anyone without a bedside table!

8. Remember the little things!
There are so many things that it’s almost impossible to remember all of them. A mirror is one that I almost didn’t remember. Also a bath robe, shower caddy, garment bags for when you are washing something delicate, color catching sheets so you don’t end up with pink-supposed-to-be-white clothing, plates, utensils and if you are a caffeine-addict like me then a coffee maker will be an essential.
These are the basics for the perfect dorm! However don’t forget to talk to your roommate so you don’t double up on large, expensive items such as TV’s, DVD players, fridges, microwaves, etc. etc.
For anyone looking for more information, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Wal-Mart, PB Teen and about any other store you can think of generally have a “college” tab that will have tips as well as their own idea of a “college check-list.”


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