Color Trends Coming In 2012

Now that 2012 is coming soon the new colors have been thought over and decided on. Almost every single color has been tweaked or added to to make next years colors even better than before, and add to creative new designs. There is also a new trend coming next year which is all about preservation; you’re probably thinking what does preservation have to do with next years colors and design trends? Well to answer that question, a new trend coming with next years colors is an attempt to try and bring back our heritage and the journey’s our families have taken through time back into the home. It’s a great design idea and it honors our history and where we’ve been. Some of the trends coming from that trend will be native/ heritage to it’s earliest; rugs and furniture that look worn and could tell a story, deep and more saturated colors, allegiance to our american flag, and southwest influence. It will definately be an interesting and exciting year for design.

Now that we’ve talked about the upcoming color trends for next year, let’s get into a little more detail about the alterations in specific colors. Neutrals for next year will be more saturated and rich, which will start becoming more popular. Browns will start having more yellow and red undertones, and reds will still be timeless, but darker reds will start becoming more prominent. As for golds and sunny yellows they will have more of a red influence. We will start seeing more sophisticated palettes in homes with colors like navy, indigo, and royal blue. Metallics and pearlized colors will still remain strong in everyday design as well as bronze and silver, and gold will start to make it’s comeback, but in more of a satin finish. The undertones in a lot of colors will become deeper than before, but also better than before. So there are a few tips on how next years colors and trends will affect us, hopefully this will inspire you to lay down some tarps and start a new trend in your own home this next year.

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