Out With Utility, In With Luxury

Bathrooms have changed vastly in the last five to ten years.  They have come a long way from the utilitarian place of brushing your teeth and showering, to a luxurious retreat full of elegant, meditative and relaxing elements.

Take a look at the custom tiled shower, over four feet in width!

Spa-like setting with glass shower enclosure and all white color scheme.

Here are some examples of the sizes and finishes older bathrooms use to include;

The size of older bathrooms used to reflect the purpose of the bath and how much time you spent in it.

Old bathrooms were commonly cluttered and didn’t have enough fixtures to adequatly light the space.

More and more people are looking to transform their bathrooms from shabby and small to luxurious and grand.  The bathroom is quickly becoming the new place in your house to spend your time, much like the kitchen.

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