Easy Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Want to create a display beneath your tree that’s just a bit more special than sticky tape and cheap paper? Or perhaps you’ve bought a special gift you want to wrap beautifully? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Steal From Outdoors

Don’t forget that some of the prettiest and most natural Christmas decorations are also the cheapest! Scour your garden and local parks for fir cones, twigs and berries to decorate your Christmas presents with. Clean them carefully with a wire brush before tying them on with ribbon or parcel string.

Ideal For A Man

Not all wrapping paper has to look girly and feminine. Black and white wrapping paper is striking – but for that extra special touch, red ribbon and sealing wax is a real talking point. You can buy sealing wax and stamps from wedding supply shops.

Fix On A Bow

No matter what your wrapping paper is like, a big shiny bow can make any present look expensively wrapped. Bows, unlike paper, can survive more than one use, so if you’re given one you really like on a present, snip it off and save it for next year. So what if the self-stick no longer sticks?

Put Awkward Shapes In A Box

Most presents aren’t that easy to wrap. Kids’ toys, bottles of talk, slippers all look so much better in boxes – and they’re much quicker to wrap, too. You can either buy cheap packs of ready-decorated gift boxes – big supermarkets even sell them now – or save up small boxes from now till Christmas and wrap them up instead.

Steal A Tree Decoration

When there’s a massive pile of presents under the tree, you’ll need to make sure everyone knows whose is whose. Lots of wrapping paper comes with gift tags, but if you’d prefer something thriftier and more personal, make your own out of old Christmas cards or tree decorations.

Give It Some Glitz

These red and white themed presents have been decorated with small baubles. These tiny tree decorations are perfect for the table too – fill tumblers with them for a colourful centrepiece.

Keep It Cheap But Chic

Continuing the red and white theme, these presents have been wrapped in simple white paper (steal some out of your home office printer tray), but decorated with red and silver ribbon to make them more glamourous. The red and white nametag stickers make sure that everyone gets the right one – and adds a cute touch. If you’re looking to save even more money, gifts wrapped in newspaper but tarted up with ribbon and tags look great, too.

Choose A Theme

Matching all your presents beneath the tree within one colour theme (and ideally one that co-ordinates with your tree decs), will make your Christmas tree look so chic. For a retro look, it’s all about getting the colours right. Here, chartreuse (that’s yellowy-green to you and me) has been matched with baby blue – but it also goes very well with chocolate brown. The paper has a small, vintage-style print.

Go For Glamour

Reflective, metallic paper and ribbon will make presents look amazing when the house lights are dimmed and the fairy lights are bright. And what could look more festive and inviting than a pile of shiny presents glittering underneath the tree?

Keep It Simple But Bright

Sometimes it’s better to just stick to something easy. Bright primary colours with a single silver ribbon can look amazing when they’re all piled up. Kids will love the simple colours – and if you have loads of paper left over from Christmas it will last you for birthdays all year round!

Have fun while wrapping your presents this year!  Those who are on your Christmas list will love getting a gift from you.





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