Trim that Tree!

Looking for new ideas to liven up an your tree this year? There really are no rules but here are some ideas to consider for your 2010 Christmas tree.

Choose a Theme
First, choose a theme for your Christmas tree. This can be anything from traditional reds and greens, golds, or silvers, to a style theme such as country, cottage, or romantic. Sometimes choosing a style theme is as easy as looking to your everyday decor. If your style is formal, then sparkly balls, shiny garland, and velvety ribbons work wonderfully. If your style is casual country, then popcorn and cranberry garlands, raffia or plaid ribbons, and gingerbread ornaments may be your choice.

What to Put on the Tree
There are no rules as to what can or cannot go on a Christmas tree, nor is there a rule stating how much is too much. As long as it works with your theme, put whatever you like on your tree! And as long as you try to evenly space and distribute color, put as much as you like on your tree! I have learned from experience that it is far easier for a tree to look sparsely decorated than overly decorated!

Natural Materials – Dried flowers, twigs, pine cones, nests, and nuts are all ideas for adding elements of nature to your Christmas decorating. You can’t go wrong with natural materials, since afterall, that is how nature decorates for Christmas!

Metallic Spray Paint – If you love the look of the natural materials, but your tree is too formal, try spraying them with gold or silver spray paint. Beautiful bay leaf branches with a touch of silver spray gives just the sparkle and embellishment your tree needs!

Silk Flowers – Let’s face it, real flowers may work for the trees at the White House, but most of us do not decorate on their budget! Instead, find beautiful silk florals that coordinate with the color or decorating style of your tree. Evenly space them on the branches throughout the tree for added splashed of color.

Ribbon Garland – Instead of traditional garland, attach coordinating ribbon from the high branches of your tree and stream and wind them down to the lower branches.

Ribbons and Bows – A tree can look all dressed up if you tie bows to the branches. Also consider dressing up ordinary ball ornaments by attaching bows to the tops. Again, coordinate your ribbon to you style or color theme.

Be creative!  There are no right or wrong answers as to what you can put on a tree!

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