It’s Beginnng to look alot like Christmas – or is it?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in your home – or maybe not?  If your house is not decorated yet do not worry – you still have time.  Now is a great time to work on your collection of Christmas interior decorations that will eventually be part of your home in the years to come.  You might even find some of these decorations in your own backyard.  If you are really creative, you can transform some of your older newer décor treasures using a little imagination – a spray paint here, a new ribbon there as the case may be, know that your decorating theme should fit your lifestyle – not what others tell you is “in fashion” this year.

This post is devoted to imaginative and creative ideas for your home, no matter what your taste – Traditional, French or Early American Country, Contemporary, Modern or downright Eclectic – there’s a little bit of something for every style of decorating!

Don’t be afraid to tie in your Christmas decorating with your home’s everyday decor, i.e., pick up the colors in your patterned drapery or upholstered furniture – don’t just follow trends. For example, if your decor is based on white or ivory tones, you may want to complement it with tiny white lights, flowers, cream colored candles and natural greenery. Perhaps you may want to add crystal or glass ornaments to give your decor extra sparkle. If your decor is in the earth tones, you may want to accent with copper and bronze ornaments. If your tendency is toward jewel toned fabrics – emerald green, ruby red, gold, dark purple and sapphire blue ornaments will all complement your theme. And remember, it’s nice to have a color scheme, but don’t be afraid to add a piece or two that are a little different from your theme – either in color or style – this will promise to add a touch of whimsy to your decor.

For those of you with a fireplace, your mantels will become the center of your decor – and although they’re only one level deep, there are many factors to keep in mind – texture, color, balance and style of the mantel.

For a contemporary look – use repetition and symmetry (odd numbers of objects work best). Use simple objects and repeat them several times. For example, you may want to place 3 ivory votive candles in between 5 topiary trees tied with simple silver, red or green ribbon.

For a country look to your mantel – gather some branches – pussy willow, apple tree, curly willow, or cedar twigs – stand branches up in narrow vases or lay them on the mantel, layering them so that the cut ends show as little as possible. Hang ornaments on them and complete with natural greenery such as Scots pine and moss, pine cones, grapevine balls and intertwine with tartan ribbon.

Traditional mantelpieces look beautiful either swagged or layered with natural greenery, traditional ribbons and bows in satin, velvet or taffeta, mini white lights or ivory votives and artificial, sugared fruit picks.

Tip: Don’t try to put everything on your mantel. Pick a theme and stick to it!

So if you have not yet begun to work on decorating your home for the festive holiday season get going!  It is only November 29th so you still have time to get your home spruced up!

Source – Better Homes & Garden

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