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Home remodeling services are available to homeowners in the Chaska, MN area through Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling. Our Chaska, MN home remodeling team works relentlessly with our customer base to turn their dreams for their homes into reality.


Integrity and Honesty –
What Sets Us Apart


Integrity and honesty are critical to the work we do at Che Bella Interiors. Without a direct and honest approach, the work we aim to do couldn’t be done at the level we expect. How we work with our clients extends to how we work with our trade partners and suppliers. This approach benefits all parties and ensures that we are able to deliver a superior final product.

Remodeling Services – The Detail

At Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling, we collaborate on projects of varying scales. Homeowners come to us to remodel a single space in their home or an entire floor. The variety keeps us on our toes and at our best. Home remodeling services include:

Kitchen RemodelingBasement FinishingBathroom RemodelingHome Office RenovationsProject Management

Discover more about the home remodeling services offered by Che Bella Interiors.

Before & After –
Kitchen Remodel


From drab and dreary to light and bright, this kitchen remodel and accompanying porch provides this family with everything they were dreaming of! The kitchen was opened up to provide greater function by turning a two-tiered stained island into a single level piece. The freshly painted white perimeter cabinets offer great contrast to the center island. Light Cambria quartz counters, a re-faced fireplace surround in a soft-herringbone pattern and furniture in neutral tones complete the space.

Prior Lake Kitchen Remodel

You Wonder, We Answer

Before hiring a home remodeler, what steps do you recommend taking?

To get the ball rolling, determine the scope of your project. Even in broad terms, identify the budget and timing you desire. Do your research to narrow down your likes and dislikes and what you need in the way of functionality from the space.

Please explain the home remodeling services offered by Che Bella Interiors.

While the list is extensive, the majority of our projects fall into the following categories: home office conversions or renovations, bathroom and kitchen remodels, basement finishing projects, project management and more. Contact us to learn more about the specifics around these and other services.

What process does Che Bella follow when working on a remodel?

For each remodel project we follow a structured remodel philosophy and process. This ensures continuity in the work we provide and eliminates surprises along the way. Communication is at the center of this process. Keeping homeowners apprised of the progress on the project is of supreme importance to client satisfaction.

Is there a budget range in which Che Bella prefers to work?

While budgets are a critical component in every remodel, Che Bella is open to working with a wide range of budgets. The conversation around budgets begins at the initial meeting so that expectations are clearly set. Once the scope is determined, a clear budget is established and adhered to.

Testimonial – Happy Client

“Calie was more than accommodating and even though I had a small project, she understood just how important it was to get it right. I much appreciated her expertise. I would have been completely overwhelmed with stone options and colors and the list goes on. But with her help everything went smoothly. She had Ed do the demo and install and he was in and out so quickly and with little clean up hassle. Can’t thank them enough! Highly recommend.”


Our Process

Each project begins with a meeting to understand your goals and expectations.  We want to better understand who you are and what the space needs to do for you and your family.  We will discuss project location, goals, budget, time frame, etc. 

The Letter of Agreement is a written confirmation that outlines the overall project scope and design fees.  After the initial interview we meet in person to present the Letter of Agreement, and answer any additional questions you may have. Once the agreement is finalized we collect the design retainer and get busy working on your design plan.

Our team will create design solutions that meets your needs and showcases your personal style. This may include detailed space plans, furniture plans, elevations and sketches.  This phase also includes providing recommendations for finishes, materials, furnishings, fabrics, lighting, and more. After we finish gathering all the right variables for your project we meet with you to review the plans and material recommendations.  We then finalize your design drawings so we can move to the next phase of the design process.

During the design documentation phase we detail out all of the drawings so everyone understands the overall design intent and so we can gather accurate bids from our necessary trade partners.  This may include specifying all finishes and fixtures to include flooring, countertops, wall treatments, lighting, cabinetry, hardware, etc.

This is where all the details and planning come to life!  If necessary, we create an overall schedule/timeline for the implementation of your project.  We coordinate and work closely with each trade partner and are available to answer any and all questions as the remodeling phase unfolds.  Following construction, we coordinate the delivery and installation of your new furnishings, accessories and artwork.

We value each and every one of our clients and their project and strive for superior customer service. We complete projects with the utmost attention to detail and work hard to create a seamless design process that is interactive and enjoyable.


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