Bit of Bella Interior Design Virtual Services like Art Walls, bookcase design and paint consults

We have a few more design tools that you can add onto your room package or purchase separately. Choose from 3D renderings, wall elevations, another round of reselections, and paint or bookcases consultation.

Check out the additional packages below to find the best fit for your needs!

additional package services

3D Renderings Add-On


Do you have trouble visualizing the full picture? Don’t worry!
With this add-on, you will receive two 3D perspectives and a rendered floor plan based off of your curated design package.

This package can only be purchased as an add-on to any of our virtual room design packages.
Rendered perspectives and floor plans are purely conceptual.

To purchase this add-on, click “Add to Cart”.

*Disclaimer: Please note that all communication will be done through email.
If a phone call is needed, your designer will reach out and schedule a 30-minute session prior to starting your design.

Furniture Reselection Add-On


We understand that sometimes certain items may not speak to you or you may still need another set of options. With this reselection add-on, this allows you to have one more round of furniture/accessories selections. Specify the items you are hoping to swap out from your room design package and we will source an alternative for each item. You will receive an updated moodboard and shopping list along with it.

This package can only be purchased as an add-on to any of our virtual room design packages.
We recommend purchasing this add-on after you have received  and reviewed your full room design package.

To purchase this add-on, click on “Add to Cart”.

*Disclaimer: Please note that all communication will be done through email.
If a phone call is needed, your designer will reach out and schedule a 30-minute session prior to starting your design.

a la carte services (no package needed)

Art Wall Elevation Package


Perhaps you moved into a home with fewer walls than your previous home, and you’re struggling to find a way to showcase all of your family art & photos.
Maybe you have found the perfect spot for a gallery wall but you’re unsure how to arrange it.
Whatever the situation is, we’ll help you measure your pieces, make recommendations, and define your ideal layout with a visual guide.

This package can either be purchased separately or added onto any of room design packages.

Ready to Start? Click “Add to Cart”!

*Disclaimer: Please note that all communication will be done through email.
If a phone call is needed, your designer will reach out and schedule a one hour session prior to starting your design.

Virtual Paint Consultation


Right now is the perfect opportunity to refresh your home with a new paint palette.
As designers, we know what colors work best and we can provide you with recommendations.
We will spend up to one hour with you to discuss your paint needs plus order large samples of the paint we’re
recommending so that you can see it in your space before you purchase your paint.

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Beautiful Bookcase Virtual Consultation


Accessorizing bookcases doesn’t always come naturally and now is the time to have us guide you on the perfect pairings and solutions.
We’ll work with you to review your accessories, discuss measurements and provide tips on how to rearrange.
We’ll then follow up with a list of additional items and recommendations to polish off the arrangement.
This service may include a video chat as well as a phone call, if it makes sense to do so.

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frequently asked questions

How long does E-Design take?

Once we have received all the measurements, questionnaire, pictures, your payment, and a signed contract we will begin your design. Your design will take between 4-6 weeks. When your project is complete, everything will be emailed in a PDF file for you to download and/or print, and a link to your shopping cart!

How can you redesign my space without seeing it in person or communicating face to face?

There have been so many different technologies that have been introduced in the last few years. These help us designers work with our clients from anywhere. With our E-Design projects we ask you complete our in-depth questionnaire and steps on providing room measurements and photos. The more information you provide, the better your designer can get to know you and figure out your style preferences.

How do we communicate?

E-mail only. If the designer has any questions they will reach out to you. You can always email us with new ideas, links, or questions! We work M-F 8-4:30 Central Time, and are constantly checking our e-mails.

Do I have to get all new furniture and accessories, or can I use some of my existing pieces?

You can absolutely use pieces you already own! We ask in our questionnaires about any pieces that you want to incorporate in your design that you already own. If you’re doing this, we always recommend sending us pictures and measurements.

How do I go about doing my measurements?

After you purchase your room, you will get a welcome email with all steps needed to begin your project, including a questionnaire, measuring guide and a contract.

Can you work inside my budget?

Yes, provided it is realistic given the goals. Our designers have years of experience and have worked with each side of the spectrum when it comes to budgets. We have a wonderful source of vendors from high end to more affordable that we love using. That being said, if you want more from designer trade vendors- expect to spend a little more, and if you want retail vendors, you can expect to spend a little less. Sometimes we mix them up as well so you get the best of both worlds!

Can you do a room that is not available for purchase?

At this moment we are only doing the specific rooms listed. If you have a room that is not available that you would like a designer to look into, please reach out to

Who is purchasing the products?

You! We will provide you a list of furniture and accessory links that we recommend for your space. You can then purchase directly and the items will be shipped right to you! There is no obligation to purchase anything.


Can you make changes to my plan if I don’t like the first design?

Included in your purchase is one reselection for your space. You send us a list of items you want another option for and we do the sourcing for you! This will need to be done within 30 days of receiving your PDF email. If you want additional selections after the first 2, or another space plan or concept it is an additional $495 for each add on.

Once I have the plans and selections, am I able to ask follow up questions on my design?

Of course, but once the PDF presentation is sent over, and you have used up both of your reselections, we consider your project to be completed, unless you have purchased any additional add on’s. You will be able to ask questions on your project to your designer, but please be aware that we have full-service projects and additional E-Design projects in the works that would take precedence over your completed project.


What happens if a product is no longer available?

Sometimes items are discontinued, or backordered. We recommend acting once you get your designers’ selections for your space. Sometimes the designers will recommend items on sale, and those can go away quickly. It is recommended that before you even purchase an E-Design package, you are ready to go on implementing the design and purchasing products for your space.

Can an E-Design package be a gift?

Of course! They’re great for newlywed’s, housewarmings, or for someone you know who wants a little change in their home!

What if I have an open floorplan and it has multiple rooms, which space do I select first?

That is completely up to you. If you are up to completing two+ rooms at once we recommend purchasing all spaces at the same time. This can help with styling the spaces to be cohesive and overall give you a completed look.

Do you offer any other services besides E-Design?

Yes! We are a full-service interior design and remodeling firm located in the Twin Cities in MN. We can help you with any new construction or remodeling projects that you have in mind! For clients in MN, we are also a Hunter Douglas dealer, so if you are looking for new blinds, give us a call and one of our blind experts will help you out.

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