Tuesday Trends-Happy Hues

Neutral palettes are a common way of finishing your home. They go with everything and when it is done right, it can be timeless. However, for those of us in northern states, the winters can be long and gloomy. There are a few quick fixes for that. For a temporary fix, swap out your pillows to brighter colors and/or patterns. Also add gold accents around the room for a warm and sunny feel. If you’re ready for a more permanent approach, find a wall that you would like to stand out and paint it a bright color to make it pop. Another option is to make sure your lighting supports your lifestyle while the sun is not as available. Pick a fun pendant like the one below, add lamps or have puck lights installed in shelving or cabinets for warm accent lighting. As always, we suggest dimmers for anything on a switch.

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Sources: Living Room – Mydev Staging, Accent Wall – Simple Home Decoration, Pendant – Copy Cat Chic, Pillow – Etsy

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