Bundle of joy has arrived!

I’m back from maternity leave with photos to share of our little bundle of joy. Olivia Mae was born 12/14 weighing 7lbs 9oz. Since she was born she’s been growing leaps and bounds. Tracy told me several times prior and since she was born that the days will fly and that they will grow up incredibly fast. Being someone that didn’t really pay attention to babies before our own, I had no idea how true that statement was. She turned two months old this week and as I look at these images while writing this blog post I can’t believe how she’s transformed each week. She looked like a skinny wrinkly runt with large hands and feet in the beginning, and now she has chubby cheeks, a round face and has grown into her hands and feet. It’s fun and bittersweet at the same time. If you’ve been wondering which nursery design we selected from our previous blog entry, we went with concept #1 – but with a little bit of a different spin. I have to say – the Crypton treated fabric that we upholstered the chair with has been amazing and well worth it as it’s been ‘abused’ by Miss O a few times already 😉


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