Friday Favorites: Summer Blues!

It’s rare that an interior/accent color captures our attention for more than a year at a time. But we can’t shake our love for the color blue (as you’ve probably noticed in many of our projects). We find ourselves drawn to the color time and time again as there is always a shade of blue that brings the space together, and blue is also a color that our clients love as well. Does blue bring a sense of comfort because it is of the most prominent color in nature through the sky and water?

If you are looking to create a sense of calmness and relaxation, blue is the color to add to your space as it seeks out peace and tranquility. Whether blue is the basis for the entire space or just appears in accents it will bring a fresh perspective to your space. From ice blue to deep indigo these are some of our favorite furniture and accessories out there right now.


Sources: Che Bella Interiors trade resources

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