Tuesday Trends: Brass & Gold Are Back!

Many people are afraid of of the words brass or gold because of the way they looked in the 80’s and 90’s. Brass and gold have made a comeback in the design world but in a new way with less sheen and less of a yellow undertone . As designers, we’ve been talking to our clients and showing them examples of the new brass/gold over the last few years. Now that the revamped tones have made it into the mainstream public markets, we are noticing that our clients are even more open to adding a pop of brass or gold to their projects. These metals now have a more timeless and softer look compared to the very shiny look in the past. By adding this element to your spaces it can give a warm and inviting feeling, a touch of glamour, touch of vintage appeal, or a more sophisticated look depending on how they are used.

Brass & Gold

If you have recently “de-brassed” your home, you may think it is daunting to add the tone back in. In order to make it less daunting you should begin adding smaller accents into the space. There are many options from tables, hardware, accessories, and lighting. The brass and gold can be used alongside cooler metals to add another layer of interest and dimension. This may be the element your space needs to give it more warmth and variety.

Brass Trend

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