Friday Favorites: Tried & True Paint Colors

Choosing a paint color for your home can be daunting and simply overwhelming. You may like the color on the paint fan, but when your walls are completely covered in the color you may feel like something is off. We’ve been talking in our office lately about a few paint colors that we go back to time and time again. We would consider most of these colors to be in the “greige” family because they could could with either a gray or beige color palette. If you are looking for a more neutral option,  these colors are a great way to start out. The “greige” colors will add a sense of warmth to you home instead of appearing too cool like many of the true gray colors on the paint fan. It is important to consider all of the elements within the space like the lighting, furniture color, fixed elements, millwork color, accessory or accent color pieces etc. In addition, each home tends to cast a different natural light and this can cause colors to feel different depending on the direction that your home faces.

Not sure how to navigate the best color option for your home or looking to add additional colors to the main neutral wall color within your space? For the best possible results we can help you with a paint consultation so that you will not have any regrets later on. Feel free to call us or contact us through our website to learn more about our paint consultation offerings.

Balanced BeigeAnew GrayAmazing Gray Grant Beige Edgecomb Gray Revere Pewter

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