Tuesday Trends: A tropical twist for your home

Now that summer has arrived, you may be looking to brighten up your home. Lucky for you tropical accessories, botanical prints, and bright colors are trending. This trend embraces the escapist spirit, it is designed to soothe the mind and enliven the spirit.

Take the pastels our of your house for the summer and add some elements similar to what is shown above to make a fun, bright,exciting space for the season.

Bright Colors

There are an endless amount of tropical accessories out right now that you can add to any space. They can add color to a space but also add a more fun spark to the room which can be a good accent to add especially for the summer.

Tropical Accessories

Botanical prints are back! Use a wallpaper to create an accent wall that will add color and liven up any room. For a more subtle option you can add pillows to your bed, sofas, and chairs that will give a similar effect to the space.

Botanical Prints

Rattan is a tropical material that is flexible yet very durable. Rattan will add a sense of warmth and softness to your space. Rattan can be used in many ways to make the design of the space feel more tropical.



All of these elements can make your home feel like you are bringing outdoor elements in to make it feel more lively.

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