Inspired by gold leaf, creating a play off of light

We recently installed a series of canvases in a client bedroom and while we loved how the art added drama to the light space, we loved how the gold leaf on the paintings played off the sunlight even more. A dark series of art now felt like it had the relief of light that reflected off the canvas. While the picture I took with my phone doesn’t capture the essence in a real life setting, you can see how the metallic gold really compliments the darker dramatic blue tones. Light play is a large part of what we think about as designers. We make each room an experience by adding pops of gloss, sheen, metallic, mirrored finishes, and glass for light to bounce off of within the space. We think about how little details like this will appear in direct sunlight, dim mood lighting and even during the glow of the full moon. The little details receive just as much thought as the large!

Gold Leaf Accented Painting - Interior Design

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