Have you started thinking about design resolutions for the New Year?

Last Friday we were updating our office with a fresh coat of paint (keep watching for a blog with photos – coming soon!) and we were discussing each others resolutions for the new year. Most of us have resolutions about health, time spent with family, organization – but what about design resolutions for your home? Your home’s design impacts organization, it impacts efficient time spent with family, and it can certainly impact your love for being home and cooking delicious healthy meals. It seems as though we are all pressed for time, and time spent at home and your home’s current inefficiencies can impact how much time you have for other activities. What if you spent less time on laundry because your laundry room was organized with bins & baskets, folding counters and a color that you were excited to see when you opened the door? What if your kitchen layout changed so that you had room for a larger fridge, more cabinet space and thus inspired you to cook, prepare snacks, entertain and define your work zones? What if you finished off your lower level and incorporated a spot for home health and wellness, a room that allows for a little ‘you time’ without having to get into your car when it’s -5 degrees and go to the gym. We can be so focused on our resolution and end goals, that we don’t travel the path back to think about how we can find the root of the need and how we can better change our habits by changing our space – and therefore achieving our goals and resolutions. When it comes time to address your goals, Che Bella is here to help and working with a professional will allow your space to become the most efficient that it can be. (As well as beautiful of course).

Happy 2015!

2015 New Year celebration

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