Bathroom design trends that are sure to continue in 2015

As the year comes to an end we take a look back at design trends that have longevity and continue to carve the way for bathroom design in 2015. Sometimes trends are not always considered timeless – but in this case we think that the seven items below definitely are:

Freestanding tubs
A freestanding tub in a Master Bathroom becomes a piece of art. Not only do they have many shapes, sizes and styles – but they are often taller, easier to get in and out of and often more ergonomic than tubs in the past. Therefore will be used more than the average deck mount tub.

Large showers with benches
We have also experienced a movement where clients confess that they rarely use their existing Master tub, and would rather expand the size of their shower and rearrange the bathroom to remove the tub. Removing the tub may allow for larger walk-in showers, showers with benches and options for steam and sometimes more floorspace with your Master Bathroom to move around.

Multiple shower heads and control options
I remember someone telling me once that they wanted their Master Bathroom shower to feel like a genuine car wash. Body sprays, shower heads and control options galore. While this person was the owner of a plumbing company and his request seemed to be fitting, almost every Che Bella client has a similar request – but maybe on a smaller scale. When it comes time for you to build a new home, or remodel your existing bathroom – it’s very important to think about what you would like out of your shower and to work with a designer so that you discuss function, efficient valve location, shower head location etc. Designers often point out things that the average person may not think of – such as “are you sure that you want to turn on your water below the shower head in your walk in shower? Why not move the valve location to the entrance so that you can wait for the water to warm up before you enter”.

Custom vanities with creative storage
Gone are the days of the inefficient vanities within Master Bathrooms. Clients have been there, done that, and are looking for vanities that truly fit their needs. This can mean storage towers above the counter tops, additional cabinet linen storage, or open storage for towels. Designers help you to think about outlets within your cabinetry for accessories or toothbrushes and organization for daily items or accessories like your necklace collection.

Main and Master Bathrooms that continue with the flow of the house; Powder Bathrooms that offer their own story
If your home has a powder bathroom – we encourage you to have fun with it. Add a funky accent tile, wall covering, funky vanity, fun lighting, pop of color etc. This room doesn’t necessarily need to flow with the rest of your home and it’s a place where you can really bring interest and show your personality. If you are feeling like you aren’t 100% ready to take the plunge with tiles, vanities etc – we suggest that you take the leap into an fun wall covering. Wall coverings aren’t ‘permanent’ and offer you instant gratification.

Gray tones
Gray tones continue to be big and we love incorporating grays through beautiful tile. For those clients that are afraid that gray is trendy we often mix grays with other neutral tones to offer future longevity to the color.

Layers of functional lighting
Designers always think about functional lighting and layering your lighting options – even within the bathroom. We talk about the importance of cross-light, over head light and accent lights. In addition, there are fabulous options for light fixtures and we are always excited to incorporate functional and beautiful lighting into our bathroom designs.


Sources: Photos 1-3,, Photo4: Che Bella Interiors

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