The ideal house…. 73 years ago

I was recently introduced to an online mini-series featuring  photos of architecture and interior design of yesteryear. Curbed, a popular American real-estate blog network, features articles for the top cities in the U.S. and within their Monochromes section we find historical images that are fascinating to see when you are design obsessed like we are. Most photos are from the Library of Congress, which makes them that much more fascinating.

Earlier this Spring we were working feverishly on the ASID Showcase House, a home built in 1939 and approaching the decade of the 40’s design style. When I read this article and reviewed the images I instantly thought to the original owner of that home and wondered if they were inspired by any of the “ideal” design style and what their home may have looked like at that time.

I thought I would share a few highlights from what realtors said was the “ideal” domestic home of 1941. Full of straight lines and devoid of any clutter – there are actually still timeless pieces and inspiration shown in the images that we see in homes today! This model apartment on NYC’s Fifth Avenue was exhibited by a real estate company as an example of model living. It’s fun to study the images and see what is still in style, and what has gone by the way side (like the two beds in the master pushed together) 😉





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