Layers of Lighting – Get more out of your dining room

‘Tis the season of hosting family and friends for dinner. Our goal is to create a level of comfort, joy and ambiance and there is no better pairing for your food and wine than layers of lighting (with exception of good company of course). As designers we always work to create layers of lighting in each space that we design so that there are options for general, task and accent lighting. And, as you may or may not know – we will recommend a dimmer for every switch because everyone needs options!

Tables should be decorated with candlelight, setting the mood for your guests when it’s time to dine. Accessories from other areas of your home often make great arrangements to surround the candles. In the dining room overview photo you can see that even during daylight hours, the layers of lighting in this space help to add drama, accent texture and offer options for entertaining. Wall washing puck lights, recessed cans and a warm dining light are always recommended for creating a great dining space.


Table-scape inspiration:
If being creative with your table decor is not your specialty, think about things that you have in other areas of your home, or things that are seasonally found in nature. Lanterns that you used in the summer on your porch, gourds from the garden, branches from the pines in the backyard. And when you are feeling like you need inspiration – visit Pinterest.


Layers of lighting:
While you likely can’t add layers of lighting on a whim before the Holidays, think ahead for next year. Working with an interior designer to space plan, select furnishings, add millwork detail, and essentially think of your room in big picture style – is well worth it. But, if you’re in a pinch this year – think about adding lamps on your buffet with 3-way bulbs and also adding a dimmer to your current switch. You’ll instantly feel the mood of the room change. We wish you a great Holiday season!


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