Virtually visiting High Point and trends that we have noticed

Yesterday, October 23rd, was the final day of High Point market week. What is High Point you might ask? The High Point Market is the largest furnishing industry trade show in the world, and an event that professional Interior Designers find to be incredibly inspirational. Often times the findings and showrooms of High Point set the bar for the trends that we can expect to see in the upcoming year for interiors. And, as the saying goes – “If you can’t find it in High Point, it probably doesn’t exist”.

High Point started with a bang on October 18th, and from afar I have been glued to my social media to see the photos that our local showrooms have been posting, as well as designers from all over the country. Instagram has been the best tool by far (Follow Che Bella on Instagram!)

So what have I been seeing from the raw perspective of people visiting High Point?

Color has been coming back in small doses as the economy has improved, and it’s continuing to come back – but now in larger scale pieces instead of just small pops against neutral background. Deep shades of plum, burgundy, orange and bold youthful blues have been the latest tones that I’ve seen added to the spectrum.


Watercolor patterns, subtle animal prints and large scale geometrics are all playing together in the High Point showrooms.


Brass…. Yes Brass, but a less yellow brass. We all saw how beautiful the brass lighting and accessories played with trendy furnishings at the ASIDMn Showcase House this Spring, and it’s back and on everything this Fall. Mixing metals with natural elements like stone and wood – always a winner.


Over-sized, big statements and unique flair on all lighting. It’s the jewel of the room and can bring a rooms design to an entire new level.


So fun and I can’t wait to start incorporating flavors of the above inspiration into client homes in the upcoming years!

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