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Wondering Wednesday: Gas vs. Electric

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

Looking at purchasing kitchen appliances for new construction and you’re unsure on whether to go with a Gas stove or Electric. There are some pros and cons to both options, it just depends on your personality and the way you will use these items. Check out the latest Wondering Wednesday post to see which option is best for your new house, or if you feel you might need a change in your existing house. Just remember, if you’re not set up for a gas stove, you’ll need to have a contractor determine if you’re able to do this in your existing home. Read on to find out if gas or electric is right for you!

Gas vs Electric1Gas vs Electric2Gas vs Electric3

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Trendy Tuesday: Painted Island Cabinets

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Have you heard of this trend? As designers, we see more and more people wanting to mix colors and textures even going into the kitchen. Most often we’ll choose a soft/main color for the perimeter cabinets and coordinating color or stain for the island. This adds interest to the whole look of the kitchen especially since the island is a common main gathering place. Check out the ideas we enjoy and feel free to live a little with your new painted island!

Trendy Tuesday - Painted Island Cabs1Trendy Tuesday - Painted Island Cabs2Trendy Tuesday - Painted Island Cabs3Trendy Tuesday - Painted Island Cabs4

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Wondering Wednesday: Granite vs. Quartz

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

What’s the difference? This is a BIG question among our clients. Typical answer? Granite is natural and Quartz is man-made. But that’s just the easy answer and it still doesn’t tell very much. Many of our clients ask this question often and it’s up to us as knowledgeable designers to explain the pros and cons to each of these countertop options that will work best in their space and lives. There are many different colors and styles when it comes to both granite and quartz.  There are also many different manufacturers of quartz and many different places that source granite from all over the world. So if you’re remodeling or building new and have always wondered what the difference was between these two countertop options is, then please read through this post! I guarantee you’ll find something that rocks!

Granite vs Quartz1Granite vs Quartz2Granite vs Quartz3Granite vs Quartz4Granite vs Quartz5Granite vs Quartz6

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