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Front Door Trend Friday!

Friday, August 4th, 2017

They say the eye is the window to the soul, so what is the front door if you already have windows? It’s just another way to add your personality to your house and it sets the tone for the rest of the house! There are a number of front door designs that can be worked into your scheme but only you know what feels right. Traditional, Industrial, Contemporary, tall, all windows, no windows, wood, iron…the list goes on. Do you want more natural light with glass in the door and added sidelights? Or do you need more privacy in your entrance with a solid door design? Are you eccentric and need a pop of color to make a statement or does the more subtle, sleek look better define you? Also, have you gotten on that timeless Navy Blue accent train yet? I’ve heard the ride is real smooth. Below are a few front door trends that will plant the seed about how you want to feel upon walking into your home and also how you would want to set the tone for guests, for the rest of your space. What design/color speaks to you most?

Crisp White DoorFrench DoorsPop of ColorNavy BlueVarying Styles

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Paris fashion week 2016, how will it translate to interior design?

Friday, March 11th, 2016

You’ve heard time and time again that trends in interior fashion are often inspired by the fashion industry. As 2016 Paris Fashion Week comes to a close, you’ll see many images popping up on blogs and magazines reviewing the artistic clothing, new patterns/textures and inspiring fashion shows that Paris is known for. As interior designers we often wonder what will translate to interior fashion. And, what we will see in the future at our trade showrooms and markets. It’s always an exciting time as everyone likes to see something new and influential. This week Vogue has released a few images from the runway shows and we wanted to see how these fashion designers styles might relate to interiors throughout the country.

A feminine twist on red & black: While the red and black combination in interior design is nothing ‘new’ per say, I do like how Roland Mouret managed to make it feminine on the runway. Many times a strong black and red interior palette can feel masculine if too many of the surfaces have the same texture or sheen. The velvet burgundy fabric adds a softness against the pattern and the texture reflected in the model’s shoes makes for an interesting relief to the outfit. Within an interior setting you can see how these two images reflect a similar style.

Paris Fashion Week 2016 translated to Interior Design

A dark neutral: While many people think of neutral to be a beige, greige or earth tone – a dark saturated blue or gray can become a neutral within your space just as easily. The Kenzo fashion line created a heavy neutral ensemble that gave relief by having a pop of the unexpected in their boots. I always think that every neutral room needs something to pop and take over as the star of the show. The interior image below is nearly a spot on reflection of the runway fashion spotted at the Kenzo fashion show this past week.

Paris Fashion Week 2016 translated to Interior Design

Light and ballerina inspired: Both of the palettes above were heavy in nature. You might be asking if anything about the fashion in Paris was on the lighter spectrum and indeed it was. A light blush tone was incorporated into much of the Valentino collection. While not everyone can pull off a blush tone in fashion – it can look wonderful in a home as a soft accent when paired with a darker or medium tone neutral. It can even appear very woodland or rustic chic as shown in the image below.

Paris Fashion Week 2016 translated to Interior Design

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Italian design inspiration (Part 1 of 2)

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Che Bella was buzzing and very busy last summer while we were managing several client remodels – and designing our future office as well. During this time, we were in need of summer help and hired Calie’s little sister as she was between college semesters and living with her for the Summer. We spent much of our time with her asking questions about her upcoming Fall semester abroad as she was planning to live in Florence Italy for several months. Needless to say we were all jealous and very excited for her. We gave her an assignment to write a blog for us that would incorporate her biggest design inspiration from an Italian insiders perspective. Enjoy!


During my time in Italy I got to experience many amazing types of interiors as each town of Italy has a very different style. I stayed in a modern Ikea furnished Airbnb apartment in Rome, a warm citrus inspired home in Sorrento and of course enjoyed the earthy feeling of homes in the Tuscany Region. The one thing that was consistent in every city I visited was that Italians pay attention to every detail when designing their homes. Small things like repairing the surface of a single aged exterior window sill was a repair that took days as they treat their work like a form of art. Space is always limited, so the Italians have to be creative when trying to find room for storage – or they live with the bare minimum to avoid clutter.


The large Tuscan villas were as to be expected. They had a wonderful combination of natural elements such as wood and stone. Large windows looked out over the silvery leaves of the olive trees. However, what I found out was that the homes within the town was not what I expected. While there I made a friend that purchased an apartment with her significant other and they had completely renovated it themselves. While the particulars of Italian building permits are unknown to me,  this couple managed to install a wood-burning fireplace into their apartment that reflected their minimalist style.

The Italians taught me to pay attention to every detail within a room. Even the ceiling in my bedroom had a pattern to give it interest and it seemed as though nearly every doorway was curved. While they often design using earthy tones and natural elements, the younger generations seem to appreciate the modern clean-cut look that incorporates a pop of color with an accent wall or a furniture piece.

Interior Design

My favorite emphasis was bringing nature inside by having as much natural light as possible. While you can’t always see the large windows from the street, most residences have some sort of balcony or large windows that can open for growing plants and hanging laundry.

If you are looking to have bring a little bit of Italy into your home start by bringing in natural elements that mimic earth tones with pops of warm saturated color. Always make sure you are maximizing the light within your space and most importantly… turn off the television and have a good conversation with the people around you. Socializing is extremely important in Italian culture and it is typically done over a great meal and a bottle of wine. An extra tip for those of you that are looking for an Italian experience: the next time you grab a bottle of imported Italian wine look for the “DOC” or “DOCG” sticker on the top of the bottle (see below). You will thank me later :) – Devon


Check back later for additional Italian design inspiration from Calie’s trip across the pond to visit her sister.