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Tuesday Trends- Office vs. Guest Room

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

If you haven’t had friends or family visit recently, it may be time to renovate that extra room so that it has a multi-purpose function. There are many ways to make the space function for you, as well as your everyone else in your life that comes to visit. Maybe you need an additional space that functions as an office, or perhaps you have a hard-working guest that needs an office space of their own when they come to visit. Hopefully this post will get your creative juices flowing enough to take on a new project, big or small. May is a great time to start, especially in time to have some summer guests!


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Friday Favorites-Hampton Inspired Homes

Friday, April 7th, 2017

Is anyone missing Spring Break?! I know I am. We often tell ourselves there’s too much work to do and we don’t have time for vacation. If this sounds like you it would be wonderful to make your home into your own personal retreat. Light and neutral tones are relaxing and support natural light in your home. There’s a reason why this look is so popular on the beachfront; its peaceful. Having less pattern and fewer accents helps us to shut our brains down after a busy work day. The image below shows several options for seating layout and neutral textural elements within one area. So, whether you’re by yourself or have company, its relaxing for everyone.


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Friday Favorites – Camping in style

Friday, March 10th, 2017

The recent “heat wave” this winter has us thinking about the warmer months ahead. We’ve been thinking about ways to get out of the house this summer. With a new baby we have landed on the idea of looking for a small budget friendly pull-behind camper that needs updating. While we’d love an option that allows for both ice-fishing use as well as summer camping use – that might be a few years out. I’ve started pulling together some inspiration photos for our future camper to get us excited about the possibilities of camping in style.  I’m planning on incorporating wall-covering, fun patterns, bold color and potentially a change in the space plan for function. It’s a small space and it’s a place to have fun with the design!

Interior Design CampersInterior Design CampersInterior Design Campers

If and when we find the right camper and complete our project I’ll be sure to share the final outcome!


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